Gilbert, Arizona



Elite Performance Chiropractic (EPC) is owned and operated by Dr. Cary Gundlach. Dr. Cary graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology and a Doctorate in Chiropractic from Northwestern University of Health Science in August of 1998. After 12 years of practicing Chiropractic Sports and Wellness care in his home state of Wisconsin, He, his wife and their boys relocated to the East Valley in 2009. He is honored to be practicing in the same office of a team of highly skilled and like minded practitioners and therapist giving you the top of the line therapies and treatments for better performance and rehab needs.

So what should I expect with a visit at Elite Performance Chiropractic? With a combination of different certification in neurological and functional therapies, Dr. Cary has a very unique approach to assessing, treating and establishing an individualized program for your active lifestyle needs. Assessing how your muscles, nerves, joints and tissues systems move together in a functional fluid pattern is the focus of Dr. Cary’s treatment plan. With this delicate balance of body systems working together you repair and compete at your Elite Performance. Please call our office at 480-448- 6842 for an appointment.

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