What is America’s

Health Center

America’s Health Center leases premier office spaces to health care providers from different disciplines at a low cost. America’s Health Center bundles rent, internet, and utilities into one low price allowing providers to keep a low monthly overhead. Additionally, having providers from different disciplines leads to increased referrals.

Additional Benefits

In case being in an environment with an increased likelihood to obtain new patients and keep your monthly overhead low wasn’t appealing enough, here are a few more benefits of having your practice at America’s Health Center.

  • No Revenue Sharing. You pay rent, that’s it. No additional percentage of what you make will be paid to America’s Health Center. We want you making money and succeeding, not paying out more.
  • Electronic Check-in. With everything being digital these days, why not the receptionist too? Your patient/client walks into the front door, clicks which provider they are there to see on a tablet, then they type in their name. It’s that simple. The name gets sent to you via text or email and you know that your next patient/client is there. They can take a seat in the beautiful, modern waiting room until you are ready to bring them back to your office.
  • Modern Features Throughout.Reclaimed wood feature wall, upgraded flooring, a charging station in the waiting room, Keurig coffee vending machine, LED lights with dimmers in each office.
  • In House Advertising for You. While patients/clients are sitting in the waiting room, they will notice the large television that will be showcasing the providers at America’s Health Center. Each provider’s picture, name, business name, specialty, and additional information will be showcased at specific intervals. This will expose each provider to hundreds of potential patients/clients each week while they are in the waiting room.
  • Website Advertising. Once America’s Health Center is open to the public, this website will be geared towards the general population. It will promote the providers who practice at America’s Health Center and provide links to each providers separate websites and contact info. This is to help potential new patients/clients find you.
  • Social Media Advertising. Our social media team will feature providers and give updates that providers would like to have announced. One more way for new patients to find you.
  • Kitchenette. Refrigerator, microwave, sink, washer and dryer, copy machine. All included in your rent. And did we mention each office has a sink?
  • More Promotional Material. Each provider’s cards will be next to the check-in and another area for your promotional info will be on the wall next to the front door. Your info will be the first and last thing people see when they come to the office.
  • Good Quality Providers. America’s Health Center intends to build a trustworthy brand that the general public can rely on. We do that by having experienced, ethical, and qualified providers practicing within our facility. We check to make sure that providers are currently licensed and have not had serious disciplinary actions brought about by their board of examiners, as well as serious or extensive problems with the law.
  • Location. Just off the San Tan 202. Easy access for patients. Across the street from Mercy Gilbert Hospital and surrounded by numerous other health care providers. Gilbert is estimated to gain over 50,000 more residents in the next 13 years. Most of them will be south of the 202, within a few miles of America’s Health Center.

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